The 428

Commercial Real Estate

The 428 needed a website to showcase this new commercial property in St. Paul, MN and attract prospective tenants in a competitive marketplace.


Branding Approach

Studio2 created the logo and branding for the 428 and used it as the core of the site's design. This integrated approach ensured that all marketing materials, the website, and even the memorable exterior building signage worked together to help sell space. The 428 website is critical to telling the story of this unique building to prospective tenants. The site uses vibrant colors and bold photography to paint a picture of a very different work experience, where wellness and sustainability are valued for team and business success. The design is professional with a modern twist, created to capture the attention of traditional businesses as well as creative companies and start-ups, especially for its unique co-working space.

Website Features

  • Logo design
  • Branding, including building signage
  • Combination of color, photography style and clean modern icons
  • Concise page content that allows for skimming and easily guides the viewer to more information
  • Fun infographic style to educate on neighborhood amenities
  • Interactive map




Incredible Website Design

Wonderful Service, Incredible Website Design, Highly Recommend!!