Logo Design & Brand Identity

A logo is the visual snapshot of what your company stands for. It’s an essential piece of a company’s brand identity. A logo’s success can speak for itself. What company do you think of when you hear about the golden arches?

Studio2 can develop a unique brand mark from scratch or revamp an existing logo that has lost its effectiveness. Most importantly, we can accomplish this without a lengthy over-processed song-and-dance that most agencies like to use. What is the point of irrelevant steps, such as comparing your logo to different styles of chairs? Seriously, this happens.

Your Brand, Your Story

The most important part of your brand is your story. We use a straightforward collaborative method that cuts through to the core messaging. We will help sculpt a succinct, company logo that will pass the test of time. A good logo shouldn’t need to be redesigned on a bi-annual basis. Think about how many times Coca-Cola has had to redo their logo… they haven’t in about 75 years.


  •  Naming Strategy
  •  Icon Creation
  • Redesign Speciality
  • Overall Brand Strategy
  • Mood Boards


  • Logo Usage Guide Creation
  • Color Palette Coordination
  • Trademark Advisement
  • Various Vendor-ready File Format Creation
  • Competitor Analysis