Campovaso Tequila

Liquor Packaging Design

Whole Foods Market asked Studio2 to come up with a unique name, culture-focused brand story and compelling packaging design for its brand new tequila.


Using traditional, handcrafted methods passed down over three generations, the family-owned tequila operation behind Campovaso has pure artistry in its blood. With a focus on Mexico’s vibrant culture and abundant history, Studio2 created a brand story that honors a 50-year legacy while committing to a promising future. The mystical design and compelling, customized illustrations help consumers identify with the brand’s unique personality and spotlight the pure and elegant nature of the handcrafted tequila. At its core, Campovaso Tequila offers consumers more than just a smooth and sophisticated taste – it whisks them away on a true field to glass experience.


  • Brand name
  • Label design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Copywriting

Client Accolades