Branding, Thoughts & Advice
The Importance of a Versatile Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand – make sure it’s versatile enough to represent you in any context! Studio2 created this logo for…

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Marketing, Thoughts & Advice
The Truth About SEO

  SEO. It’s a broad term, and there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it before. But what is it really? And why should we…

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5 Non-Traditional Fall Color Palettes to Spice Up Your Brand

With its golden foliage, vibrant pumpkin patches and mulled wine, autumn is the perfect time to find inspiration in the rich, warm tones of the…

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Font Pairings, Graphic Design
Six Font Pairings for Back-to-School

Happy Back to School Day! We’re kicking off the academic year, and continuing our series on font pairings, with a few fun, kid-friendly font pairings…

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Graphic Design
4 Fun Font Pairings to Celebrate Twin Cities Pride

To kick off celebration of the 49th annual Twin Cities Pride Festival returning this weekend, we’ve curated some fun, vibrant font pairings that were simply…

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Thoughts & Advice
Top 5 Reasons You Probably Need a New Website

Whether you own a business or are in charge of promoting one, you know your website is a critical part of marketing your product or…

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