About Studio2

22 Years and Growing Strong

A face-to-face and hands-on approach to help our clients achieve success.

Launched in 2000

Like many great ideas and inventions, Studio2 was born of an unmet need. After 10 years as a marketing manager in the financial services industry, Chris Opsahl was ready for a change. Around that same time, his wife Laura found herself frustrated with the high prices and big egos of the design firms she hired in her own work as a marketing and communications consultant. In 2000 they solved both problems with the launch of O & O Marketing, which later became Studio2.

Other great events from 2000

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    Triple H defeats The Rock at Wrestlemania XVI

  • noun_Science_2721145

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is published

  • noun_Walk of fame_1713823

    Samuel L Jackson gets star on hollywood walk of fame


We get it

Today we work with a range of clients, from entrepreneurs and business owners, to marketing professionals at large corporations. No matter the client or type of project, the one thing we hear again and again, is that we “get it.” We listen. We wrap our arms around business problems and get into marketing strategy. We look at the big picture and then dive deep to determine how our work can achieve your business goals through top-notch design. This face-to-face, hands-on approach is why we’ve been in business for so long and how we stay relevant.

Our approach

Seeing the world through a customer’s eyes is the secret to Studio2. We’re a mix of left-brain strategy and right-brain creativity, and our small but mighty team is relentlessly client-centric and results-focused. We are stewards of your brand. (Don’t have a clear brand? No problem - that’s one of our specialties.)

So that’s what we’re about. We built in all the elements that were missing, years ago, at other design firms. And more than 22 years later, we — and our clients — are happily thriving.