Your brand is the image and personality of your company, product or service, communicated both visually and verbally. Properly envisioned and applied, your brand identity helps you connect with customers across all print and digital touch points. Partner with Studio2 for a brand that will be a solid foundation for your success.


Branding Services

Branding can extend beyond your marketing and communications into your customer experience, store or office setting, vehicle graphics and more.

Company and product naming
Logo design
Brand Guide Books
Brand Usage Guidelines
Color Palette
Website address research and selection
Consultation on branding interiors and exteriors
Vehicle graphics
Environmental graphics
Tone of Voice development or makeovers

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is promoting your company or product in a differentiated and consistent way. Investing in branding provides you with a professional toolkit for successful marketing, and it can save you money versus designing every item as a one-off project. Effective branding is both an art and a science – it is based on strategy but should also be visually compelling.

Branding differentiates a company, product or service by clearly communicating what you offer and why you are the best alternative for your prospective customers. Every company, product and service is competing for attention and sales with others, whether directly or indirectly. Done well, branding also creates an image that is positive and memorable. This is especially important for innovative products or services and start-ups who must also educate consumers about something completely new.

Branding is a broad term, and because every business is different, we offer branding services that are tailored to your specific needs. On the visual side these range from logos, color palettes and font systems to custom patterns, icons and illustration or photography styles. On the verbal side, we develop company names, website URLs, tag lines, brand voice guidelines, copy points and more. When working on branding we discuss your current and future marketing needs and customize our work for each client.

While a logo is an important and foundational representation of a brand, it’s just one element of branding. Many of our clients start with a logo (with or without a full color palette and font system), while others want more.

Budget can often be a big factor in determining the scope of your branding effort. If you can only start with a logo, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build in the future. Over the past 20+ years in business we have honed a process for creating logos that our clients really love!

To decide if going beyond a new logo and investing more into your branding is worth it, ask yourself a few questions. Do you need to share your brand elements with various vendors, employees or partners to ensure consistency and professionalism? What marketing channels will you be using and will it save you time and be more effective to have additional brand elements to use? Often creating some templated items as part of a branding process can save you money in the long term. 

There are four things we keep in mind: Targeted, flexible, memorable and consistent. Before working on a logo design or branding project, we want to know as much as we can about your current and prospective customers to ensure your brand will appeal to those you want to attract. We also want to learn about how your branding will be applied – what marketing channels you will use – so the system we develop is flexible enough to work in those applications. We want to learn about your company, product or service as well as your competitors so we can authentically communicate what you’re about and differentiate you in a memorable way. And finally, effective branding is consistent. Consistently using fonts, colors and other brand elements is the number one thing you can do to establish your brand and elevate your level of professionalism. A brand toolkit makes consistency so much easier.

Sometimes customers come to us for a brand refresh for business reasons – new ownership, the launch of new products or a desire to grow their business. Other times it’s obvious that their logo, colors or fonts have become dated. And yet other times a client is expanding their marketing efforts into new channels or in need of a new website which is always a great time for a refresh. Every situation is unique, it's undeniable that new branding is a positive change that can invigorate your marketing efforts. 


TDS Gift Cards

Studio2 worked with the team at TDS Gift Cards after their company name change to develop a flexible brand identity that would convey the high quality gift card programs they provide to top tier global digital brands.

Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

Saint Mark’s enlisted the help of Studio2 to create a new logo, elevated brand and user-friendly website that would better reflect the Cathedral’s growing mission and welcoming culture.

Farmers Union Insurance and Summit States Agency Group

See what Studio2 did to refresh this Montana-based company's brand and help launch the new brand for their state-wide agency group. It took collaboration and an integrated approach involving digital and offline platforms.

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