Farmers Union Insurance &
Summit States Agency Group


Branding can be complex when a subsidiary with important stakeholders is involved. Learn how Studio2 guided this client through the process with great results.

The Challenge

At a time when businesses must compete for consumers' attention more than ever, the leadership team of Farmers Union Insurance, a mutual insurance company based in Great Falls, Montana that also has a network of 60+ insurance agents across the state, was concerned about the questions they were hearing...

  • "Is Farmers Union Insurance part of State Farm — or Farmers Insurance?"
  • "Do you have to be a farmer to get insurance through them?"
  • "Do you have to be part of a union?"
  • "Do your agents only sell Farmers Union Insurance?"

Studio2 worked with FUI leadership to address these challenges and create modern branding and websites to enable clear marketing messages and position both the insurance company and its agency group for future success.

Our Approach

Company Naming

Through discussions with FUI leadership and after surveying the competitive landscape, Studio2 recommended separate names for the insurance company and the agency group. Studio2 went to work brainstorming potential names that would stay true to its Montana roots while staying open to further expansion in the region. It was also important for the name to be differentiated from competitors, and have an easy to remember website URL that was available. We then led their leadership team through a collaborative multi-phase approach which considers both subjective and objective factors, and the name Summit States Agency Group was chosen.

Logo Designs

To keep a strong relationship between Farmers Union Insurance and Summit States Agency Group, Studio2 designed new logos for both entities with the same circular shape and illustration style. The Farmers Union logo carries forward a modernized version of their previous blue and gold color scheme, and the new Summit States Agency Group logo has the blue color in common plus a lighter blue as the accent color.

Before and After: Farmers Union Insurance Logo

Brand Style Guide & Marketing Materials

Studio2 created a style guide with detailed information to show agents how to use the new branding on its own, or for co-branding purposes combined with their own agency names. Business card and letterhead design templates were created to get the rollout of the new branding off to a solid start.


Studio2 also created new websites for both Farmers Union and Summit States. The new Farmers Union site provides policy-holder service and serves as a recruitment hub for new agents. The site also drives traffic to the new Summit States Agency Group website. The Summit States site is focused on the insurance services provided by the agents, and it showcases helpful individual agent pages through a robust agent finder.



  • Connected yet distinctive branding for Farmers Union and Summit States
  • Modern, user-friendly websites geared toward end users for each one
  • An inspiring new name for the agency group that's also geographically relevant
  • A flexible branding toolkit to make marketing efforts consistent and professional

Client Accolades

The agency you thought was too good to be true isn’t.