El Método

Liquor Packaging Design

In order to reflect the purity of this Artisan tequila, Studio2 was enlisted to brand & create a packaging design for Target that was fresh yet classic.

Adherence to Tradition

El Método is as pure as you can get: 100% pure agave, made with natural spring water and no additives. That’s why Target wanted a classic package design to reflect the authenticity of the product. The label, printed on raw, uncoated paper, depicts an agave illustration along with text inspired by hand-lettering. The tequila is packaged in a semi-custom bottle with bubbles blown into it, making it evident that this product has never seen the inside of a factory. In fact, it is hand-packaged in Mexico, where its muted colors and raw style are respected for their adherence to tradition. When it comes to meeting our client’s needs, our designers think of everything.


  • Custom-selected wood cork
  • Strip stamp
  • Uncoated paper label
  • Semi-custom bottle
  • Integration of ink and foil in illustration 
  • Paper embossment

Client Accolades