Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey Collection

Liquor Packaging Design

Skatterbrain is a rich, creamy Canadian whiskey with a variety of fun and innovative flavors, and it needed a distinctive packaging design that would establish a strong brand identity and set it apart from a plethora of other flavored whiskeys on the shelf.


Amid the surging popularity of flavored whiskeys, Skatterbrain knew their brand’s packaging needed to be unique enough to grab the attention of both devout whiskey drinkers and general shoppers alike – and they also knew Studio2 was the perfect design agency for the job. Standing out amongst a sea of store aisles, the endcap display's vibrant colors and striking art were designed to stop wandering shoppers in their tracks. With fun, eye-catching animal graphics, customized typography and hot stamped foil accents, consumers can take one glance at each carefully crafted bottle and instantly envision what it’s like to experience Skatterbrain whiskey’s smooth, rich and creamy flavor.

Packaging Features

  • Product line extension
  • Label design
  • In-store signage graphic design
  • Hot stamped foil accents
  • Customized licensed illustration
  • Custom typography
  • Carton design

Client Accolades