Advanced Telemetry Systems

Technology Company Rebranding

It can be tough to quickly convey what a company is all about at hectic trade shows, but Studio2 took on the challenge to help ATS differentiate and elevate their brand.

A New Brand Unfolds

The new look Studio2 created for Advanced Telemetry Systems communicates the innovative and adventurous spirit the company. A modern and natural color palette, dynamic photography and custom illustrated icons bring the brand to life and make their technologically advanced products easy to understand. Special features incorporated into their print brochure used at trade shows and other sales meetings make it feel like something to hold onto, and make ATS a company to remember. The new branding will soon be applied across other channels including the company's website.

Design Features:

  • Rebranding
  • Custom icons & infographics
  • Sourcing of on-brand stock photography
  • Speciality folds
  • Translucent pages
  • Varnishes
  • Custom die-cut

Client Accolades