Gold’n Treasures

Retail Store Rebranding

How do you preserve the elements that have made a store successful while updating it for a new generation of customers? Partner with Studio2.

Polishing a Treasure

Gold'N Treasures is not your average jewelry store, but its brand was in need of a bit more sparkle. Studio2 led the owner through a branding process to keep the same name but establish an updated visual and verbal identity. The new branding plays up the special experience and high-quality fine jewelry their current customers love, with a hip and modern vibe to attract the next generation. The project was done in conjunction with a total store remodel creating the perfect opportunity to apply the new branding to the store signage and interiors as well.

Design Features:

  • Logo redesign
  • Fresh copy
  • Branding process resulting in a handbook detailing new verbal and visual identity standards
  • Custom graphic patterns
  • Nested collateral pieces including die cuts and soft touch finish
  • Pull-up banners for promotions and sales
  • Consultation on store interior

Client Accolades