Satellite Data Analytics Website

A 30-year market leader in satellite data analytics for the agriculture sector needed a website development partner to rebuild and continually evolve its website.

Evolving with Excellence

Geosys was looking for a partner to work with long term as the company goes through several transitions that began with an acquisition by an investment group and formation of its new parent company. Studio2 created a new website, streamlining the navigation and improving the overall experience for site users. Multilingual functionality was added to the site with a cost-effective plugin that allows for automatic or manual translation. With the simple click of a button, viewers can see the site in one of four languages core to the company's business. The collaboration between Geosys, Studio2 and its other digital partners will continue with a rebranding, updates to promote new products and make it easier to apply for jobs, and other search engine optimization activities.



  • Multilanguage functionality for automatic or manual translation
  • User experience enhancements
  • Following corporate brand guidelines
  • Multi-agency partnership

Client Accolades