Website Re-imaging Works

  Wonder why the Wendy’s or McDonald’s near you tore down their buildings and completely rebuilt new ones in the same exact location? Those had been there for years, right? Doesn’t it seem wasteful, when they’re going to basically offer the same thing as before? The answer is a simple reality — perception of value. […]

Brands go purple to honor Prince

To say the artist Prince was beloved is an understatement. And, no more so than here in the Twin Cities where Prince grew up, became a super-star, and stayed. Almost immediately upon the discovery of his passing, people and businesses began to honor the man by going purple. Bridges, buildings, billboards far and near lit […]

So, if Superbowl television ads are out. What’s left? What’s going to give a brewery the most impact for their money? Packaging. It’s the most consistently visible piece of branding available. It’s actually in the consumers’ hands, and needs to be effective at communicating the brand story, encouraging brand trial, and differentiating itself from the […]

What a Beast!

The Kraken® Rum is one of those rare brands that launched with a brand story and packaging design as the main focus. Most breweries and distilled spirits companies try to rely on the nature of their ingredients, or described flavor, to set them apart. The Kraken, a new entrant to the market and unknown player, was […]

More and more craft beer breweries are opening every year. The industry is strong, and times are good, right? But, with a growing industry comes increased competition. Do people think one brewing company is as good as the next? A brewer’s confidence about their beers’ superior taste alone is not enough to keep consumer loyalty. […]