Bold Branding in the Liquor Aisle: Skatterbrain Whiskey

Branding, Packaging

Which member of the Skatterbrain family is your spirit animal? We’re thrilled to show off the latest addition, Croco-dill—our bold and tangy pickle-flavored whiskey! At Studio2, we know that a strong brand identity is crucial, especially in the bustling liquor market. That’s why we crafted a distinctive design that not only captures the fun and innovative spirit of Skatterbrain but also stands out on crowded shelves.

From the striking animal graphics to the vibrant colors and hot stamped foil accents, each element of our packaging is designed to draw attention and evoke the rich, creamy experience of Skatterbrain whiskey. It’s not just about what’s inside the bottle; it’s about creating a memorable visual experience that resonates with both dedicated whiskey enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

We’re proud to see our designs make a statement in the aisles and invite you to discover the playful, unique world of Skatterbrain!