Chris Opsahl

Big beasts are nearing extinction.

When speaking about the size of agencies for design or advertising, most clients initially have expectations equating a large size to the most value. This is quickly becoming an antiquated idea. While large agencies indeed may have more resources at their disposal, they also bring some heavy luggage. Most large agencies have been around for […]

A better way to a new website

Small businesses tend to get squeezed when they need a new website. They have two choices: commit to the endeavor and expense of a full-custom website or get saddled with a DIY, pre-packaged one. Often, neither is the best choice. And, building the website is the easiest part. Once the site is launched many businesses are […]

Website Re-imaging Works

  Wonder why the Wendy’s or McDonald’s near you tore down their buildings and completely rebuilt new ones in the same exact location? Those had been there for years, right? Doesn’t it seem wasteful, when they’re going to basically offer the same thing as before? The answer is a simple reality — perception of value. […]

A new trend in old website design?

I stumbled upon* an article in the Washington Post about a new trend in web design called “web brutalism.” In a nutshell, the trend can be defined as intentionally making a website look, and work, lousy. Think of the web when it was in the 1990’s and young—garish with color, random with typefaces, and organized […]

Brands go purple to honor Prince

To say the artist Prince was beloved is an understatement. And, no more so than here in the Twin Cities where Prince grew up, became a super-star, and stayed. Almost immediately upon the discovery of his passing, people and businesses began to honor the man by going purple. Bridges, buildings, billboards far and near lit […]

We’ve been puzzled by Coke’s latest packaging campaign. The campaign utilizes variable package design so each label on a bottle or printing on a can offers up a different persona to “share” your drink with. Examples include “Share a Coke with Laura” or “Share a Coke with a Bro”. Coke supported this effort with a […]

If you’re like us, you love Evernote. It’s our favorite note taking app for it’s easy-as-pie Mac and iPad versions, great integration with Airmail and Asana, and perfect for sharing notes among teams. But, if you’re like us and picky about your fonts, you’ll be disappointed in it’s standard font set. However, there is good […]