Looking Back and Moving Forward

Thoughts & Advice

You may have noticed that Studio2 has launched a brand new website. What you probably don’t know is that it took nearly two years to do so. Now websites can’t be built in a day, and those AI apps that claim they can are a scam, but two years is far longer than our average site which takes 9-12 weeks. What happened? Two things: first, we were our own worst critic and second, we didn’t follow our standard process.


Self-evaluation and critique is vital to the success of any organization. But, when you judge your own business much harsher than you would a client’s or competitor’s then something is wrong. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes that have minimal consequences and going the extra mile is great…but sometimes going just the original mile is perfect. Our advice to clients when preparing for a website launch has always been to launch when it’s “good” then, strategically and with purpose, polish what’s needed to make it “great.” Put your site to work as soon as possible for maximizing your ROI.

Skipping your own process

We build a lot of websites. To make everything happen on-time, on-buget and with few surprises, we use a 5-Step, 9-12 week process. Except, in this case we didn’t. The result was a lot of course changing and back-pedalling. The lesson: if you do something well a thousand times, don’t throw away the game-plan at number 1,001. We build client sites that are much larger and much smaller than our Studio2 site, but in each case we follow the same plan…just scaling up or down as needed.