Website Re-imaging Works


Wonder why the Wendy’s or McDonald’s near you tore down their buildings and completely rebuilt new ones in the same exact location? Those had been there for years, right? Doesn’t it seem wasteful, when they’re going to basically offer the same thing as before?

The answer is a simple reality — perception of value.


Sure, those restaurants had been there for years. But, honestly, when was the last time you’d been in there? Assuming you eat fast food at all, you probably hadn’t visited that location recently because you didn’t expect any new offerings or improvements in quality. That itself is a big problem.

When food franchises remodel or rebuild it’s referred to as re-imaging. This is a process where they form a new conception of their restaurants in an attempt to change customer perceptions and increase revenue as a result.

Chances are your company’s website is suffering from similar perception problems if it hasn’t been updated recently. Even worse, perhaps the age of its coding and design don’t optimize it for Google indexing. Yikes! For example, Google now requires that websites be responsive in order to place well in organic searches. This makes sense in the ever-growing dominance of mobile devices. Imagine owning a McDonald’s without a drive up window.


Let’s face it; the perception of value is everything when it comes to gathering customers. Similar to choosing a place to eat, would you prefer someone visiting your website to use words like “old” and “dated?” Or, would you prefer descriptions like “modern” and “easy to use?” Your offerings still might be superior, but the perception might sabotage future new business.

The sophistication of the Internet, websites and social media are evolving at an exponential rate. And, if the competition is ready to adapt quickly, you better be as well or you could find yourself racing to catch up.


Re-imaging works. Despite the initial expense, fast-food restaurants like Wendy’s and McDonald’s are publicizing significant sales lifts from remolding or rebuilding efforts. With a simple Google search, you can find plenty of reports detailing such success stories. Hence, it’s easy to believe that website re-imaging would work just as well.

Don’t let your website fall into the void with Burger Chef, Big Boy and Chi-Chi’s.