Norseman Update: I like it.

I’ve been an avid Minnesota Vikings fan my whole life. So, when I heard about an update being made to the iconic “Norseman” I was obviously concerned. However, I must say, I think all the updates were tasteful and purposeful. There is no better reason to refresh a logo than for a purpose. So many companies these days are updating their logos, but making the mistake of losing track of who they are.

The Norseman updates are:

• The shape of the horns have been altered and the shading updated.

• The base of the Norseman’s horns now resembles those on Minnesota’s helmets.

• The Norseman’s mustache and face now feature thicker lines.

• Gold tones are brighter.

• The braid has been shortened to match a league-wide standard logo height.

One of the most impressive and overdue changes, in my opinion was matching the horns on the Norseman to the horns on the players’ helmets. Inconsistent branding is one of my pet peeves; so, I applaud the attention to detail. Another reason for kudos is the overall strengthening of the lines and facial features. Considering the distances this logo is viewed at and various mediums this logo is produced in, this clarity is a real bonus.

This Viking fan is pleased. This art director is even more pleased.