Coke’s “Share” Campaign Goes Flat

We’ve been puzzled by Coke’s latest packaging campaign. The campaign utilizes variable package design so each label on a bottle or printing on a can offers up a different persona to “share” your drink with. Examples include “Share a Coke with Laura” or “Share a Coke with a Bro”. Coke supported this effort with a vast advertising blitz spanning all media. They even created a site where you can virtually add your name to a bottle.

The results so far? Dud. Revenue and net income are both down.

So what went wrong? If you ask me, the whole concept was a whole lotta who cares. On top of that, the execution is dull; there is absolutely nothing revolutionary or even different about the packaging design that would make you want to grab the product from a cooler. And…some of it is just embarrassing. Do I really want to “Share a Coke with a Gamer?”