Changing the Font Set in Evernote

If you’re like us, you love Evernote. It’s our favorite note taking app for it’s easy-as-pie Mac and iPad versions, great integration with Airmail and Asana, and perfect for sharing notes among teams.

But, if you’re like us and picky about your fonts, you’ll be disappointed in it’s standard font set. However, there is good news! You can update your local font set, so at least you’ll have visually appealing fonts within Evernote on your computer. It’s a bit of a hack, and the directions are for the Mac only. (I’m sure you PC folks can figure out a similar method)

Step 1: Open Font Book. Applications > Font
Step 2: Choose Web from within the Collection pane. You’ll see the default Evernote set…complete with Comic Sans.

Step 3: If you manage your fonts within Font Book you can simply find what you want to add by choosing All Fonts from Collection and dragging them onto Web. If you use a different font management tool–like Suitcase–just click the add button (the +) under the font set while Web is selected and choose the fonts you want to add from your font repository. In our example we added Gotham Light.
Step 4: Quit and relaunch Evernote. Open the font drop-down to see your amended font set.


One caveat: Evernote wont recognize font versions within a family; for example it won’t recognize if you activate both Gotham Light and Gotham Bold from within the Gotham family–it will only use one. So, select a standard weight font and use the Evernote BOLD tool if you want a bold version. Like I said, a bit of a hack, but at least you can have better looking notes.