The beer T’s of our time

Mpls. St. Paul Magazine’s food and drink maven, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, spent time this spring in the shadows of fermenters and brew kettles at a number of Minnesota’s great craft breweries. Visiting their taprooms, Dara documented the best of the best in an October, 2012 article. She heaped praise on Lift Bridge Brewing Co., a client of Studio2, for their “Great brews, fantastic tees.” Well, those tees just happened to be designed by us.

“If I was going to make the case that craft brewing is a branch of rock and roll, my first evidence would be craft beer T-shirts. Lift Bridge Brewery, which boasts Minnesota’s first taproom offers really top notch shirts. The graphically represented beer line, from hops to bottle, is sure to go down as the beer shirt of our time, and the Hop Dish (tee) is winsome and stylish.”

Why thank you, Dara! You can check out a sampling of our branded wearable design right over here.