Northstar Financial Partners

Financial Advisor Website

The trustworthy team of financial partners at Northstar Financial wanted a fresh site that captured their helpful, hands-on-approach to advising.



When it comes to financial advisors, the folks at Northstar Financial Partners are as "salt of the earth" as you get. It is their mission to meet customers where they're at, and help guide them through financial decisions big and small. The website designed by Studio2 visually communicates Northstar’s approachable hands-on style to financial advising and provides an organized snapshot of the breadth of their professional expertise, all while having an easy to navigate back-end that allows the partners to make regular updates to videos, newsletters and resourceful blog posts.

Website features

  • Blog integration for user experience and SEO
  • Video
  • Content strategy for improved findability for business and personal clients
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I will always use them and recommend them!!!

I don't even know how to express my gratitude to these guys. Just all around wonderful people. They took business away from themselves to save me money. Who does that??? I will always use them and recommend them!!!