Big beasts are nearing extinction.

When speaking about the size of agencies for design or advertising, most clients initially have expectations equating a large size to the most value. This is quickly becoming an antiquated idea.

While large agencies indeed may have more resources at their disposal, they also bring some heavy luggage. Most large agencies have been around for decades and they use the same profit models now that they did then. They take the same painstaking route that earned them their legacy years ago. It’s a lengthy process consuming multiple levels of agency personnel which translates to slower reaction times and large fees. And, along with these yokes comes the added burden of covering expenses and the quarterly reports due to a holding company who probably purchased the successful agency within the last ten years, at least.

Supercomputer… I use everyday.

Also, gone are the days when agencies had a monopoly on technology, marketing awareness, and strategy. Today, almost everyone, and certainly successful businesses, are comfortable working with various forms of technology and are exposed to several avenues of social media on a daily basis. They understand that things move quickly, and a window of opportunity can disappear nearly as fast as it arrives.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin

Nimble is often the word used by smaller agencies to compete with these mammoths for potential client work. It’s an accurate description with several advantages. First, the senior staff with a line to strategy are more directly involved with the creatives who are actually putting the final pieces in place. Next, they possess a quicker reaction time that allows things to move more at the high speed of today’s media. Finally, with less dependency on pleasing the CFO or a holding company, the clients’ needs can be put first.

Creativity isn’t hindered by the need to turn a large profit for each project it allocates resources to, but more by the desire to do the best work. Inevitably, what best serves the client is the best for the people creating it.

The Times They Are A Changin’

And, so are the cultures within agencies that can move at the same pace or are free to explore the road yet untraveled. This is the only path to innovation. The old legacy-proud agencies are nearing extinction and it’s best that we make room in the museums.

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